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2019 – now what…


So 2019 is still very young. Some might call it a brand new chapter to start writing.

What will 2019 bring you?

For me it’s first and foremost a look back on some of the amazing things, that happened in 2018. I’d like to take you back to some of them, as I haven’t posted any of them on here.

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Goodbye to 2018…

IMG_6739A new year awaits as we’re saying goodbye to 2018. Tomorrow at the stroke of midnight it’s all of the sudden 2019.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I believe, you can make resolutions all year around, every day and every minute, if you want.

2018 has been a year like many other years for me with both the good and the un-expected. I choose not to use the word “bad”, but rather “un-expected”. Why? Because for me that means, that I didn’t welcome these events into my life. I may not have chosen them myself – someone else did, but they’re here and were a part of my 2018. I learnt and grew from them. I choose to take them with me as a part of life.

I already know, that my 2019 will feature some major changes in my life. For once I’m looking for a new job. I don’t know, as I write this, what this will be and where I’ll end up. But I do know, that I choose for this to be positive thing in 2019 for me. It’s scary and yet very exciting for me and my little family.

No matter where you are in life, always remember you make your own path in this world – sometimes with the interference of others – but you have the power to choose, what you will accept and let in.

With these words I wish you a Happy, bright, fantastic and above all drama-free New Year! Here’s to 2019!

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Shibui Spa – The Greenwich Hotel


On a rather hot and early fall morning in New York City I left my hotel in Chelsea to walk a few blocks – well, more than a few to be fair. With my Starbucks coffee in my hand and my shades on it almost made me feel like a New Yorker, walking along side all these business people going to work. I had another destination than most of the people though – I wasn’t about to enter an office…but I was heading towards The Greenwich Hotel in TriBeCa and have me some me-time at their Shibui Spa…..

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Montage Beverly Hills

While LA is buzzing getting red carpet ready for Oscar’s – the big night in Hollywood – I’m this year unfortunately not going to be in LA, but will watch the show from my livingroom in Copenhagen.

I can’t help, but to think back about the fabulous spa’s in LA, where the stars would get Oscar’s ready. Esp. one comes to mind for me….Montage in Beverly Hills.

Come and let me take you there and re-live my meeting with Montage…


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Langham Place – New York


I had the pleasure of visiting New York in April – to those of you, who haven’t been to New York in the Spring – GO! It’s beautiful – okay, admitted I love New York anytime of the year.

I always try to get a treament the first day of my vacation in order to get un-jetlagged and really get the vaca-mode. I had found Langham Place online – and it just caught my eye straight away. Langham Place is a part of Leading Hotels of the World.

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