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Montage Beverly Hills

While LA is buzzing getting red carpet ready for Oscar’s – the big night in Hollywood – I’m this year unfortunately not going to be in LA, but will watch the show from my livingroom in Copenhagen.

I can’t help, but to think back about the fabulous spa’s in LA, where the stars would get Oscar’s ready. Esp. one comes to mind for me….Montage in Beverly Hills.

Come and let me take you there and re-live my meeting with Montage…


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An Urban Sweat Lodge

An Urban Sweat Lodge is exactly, what ShapeHouse is – emphasize sweat that is.

I had heard about ShapeHouse Larchmont from several friends – esp. on how wonderful I would feel afterwards and how all the toxins would just flow right out of my body with all the sweat! So I thought – count me in!

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