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An Urban Sweat Lodge

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An Urban Sweat Lodge is exactly, what ShapeHouse is – emphasize sweat that is.

I had heard about ShapeHouse Larchmont from several friends – esp. on how wonderful I would feel afterwards and how all the toxins would just flow right out of my body with all the sweat! So I thought – count me in!

Already when I started planning my trip to LA, I tried to book an appointment with ShapeHouse, which was so hard. They are popular! Finally I managed to get them on the phone – mind you there’s a 9 hour time difference between Copenhagen and LA. Anyway, the nice girl squeezed me in. Yes, I was going to sweat for an entire hour!

Before coming to a sweat they sent me an email – making sure that I was filling up on food the day before and also was hydrated before my sweat. What a great reminder!

Now before you start a sweat – you need to be fully clothed, no nakedness there. And no need to bring your old sweats on vaca with you, since ShapeHouse has everything ready for you, so you can start of your sweat of! And yes that means socks too! I like, how they kept everything color coordinated.


Now when sweating you would think, you have to jump around and move all over the place – but nope at ShapeHouse you actually lay down in a form of sleeping bag. Wearing sweats and in a sleeping bag – now add the heat! The sweat is a private matter – you have your own little cabin with your own TV, so you can always catch up on those TV series, while sweating away!

Now I have always been one to drink a lot of water, but phew during that one hour I surely consumed my 1 litre of water very fast! Not that I felt lightheaded or felt like I was sweating a lot – but just felt really warm.

The hour went by so fast and at first I didn’t think, that my sweat was that successful. At least until I came out of the sweat bag….


My clothes was pretty much drenched in sweat!

The lady at ShapeHouse made sure, that I got a nice refreshment and was told to drink lots of water, since I might feel a little lightheaded later on. And let me tell you – a few hours the sweat surely kicked in! I had a serious case of headache! Could barely open my eyes and just wanted to go straight to sleep!

But the very next day – I felt super good – the toxins were all gone. I had renewed energy and felt amazing! More power to ShapeHouse! Am diffently going again next time I’m in LA – and for more than one sweat.



To learn more about ShapeHouse go to:

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