A blog about spa, beauty, treatments, tips, tricks and all the in betweens


This is me!

My name is Majken. I live in the beautiful capitol of Denmark – Copenhagen.

I have made my passion my work – I work as a self-employed esthetician and spa therapist at a spa in Copenhagen.

I love and breathe my work every day with every inch of my body. I find it so rewarding to spoil and pamper my clients every day. I’m very honored to have people booking me for an appointment – and take nothing for granted.

Since at a very young age I’ve been very interested in the spa business and everything, that comes along with it. And since I’m a huge fan of travelling, I’ve always combined those two things. I believe, that a certain treatment or experience at a spa, can heal the soul and mind – no matter where you’re from and what your story is. Just as long as you have an open mind and let yourself breathe. Pure and simple tranquility.

This blog is my personal blog about treatments, spa’s, products and how you too can achieve looking and feeling your absolute best with only a few simple steps every day. But also my own personal thoughts about every day life.

Thank you for reading my words!




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