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2019 – now what…

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So 2019 is still very young. Some might call it a brand new chapter to start writing.

What will 2019 bring you?

For me it’s first and foremost a look back on some of the amazing things, that happened in 2018. I’d like to take you back to some of them, as I haven’t posted any of them on here.

I took a trip to LA and visited some quite unique places, moved to a re-modeled apartment for me and my little family, had another amazing year at Roskilde Festival as a volunteer at the Orange Stage, spent the late summer at a resort in Denmark near the coast line with my family, went to London for one day, I reached level 4.0 (I turned 40!), went to a family wedding, met a personal trainer that changed my life (actually I met two – one in LA and one in Denmark), went to a lecture with Rufus Gifford that again changed my outlook on life and the obstacles you can meet in life and most important I got to meet and spent my time with some truly amazing people, that went along for the ride with me.

I am beyond excited for 2019, which already now has turned out to be a very giving year on so many levels….


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