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Shibui Spa – The Greenwich Hotel

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On a rather hot and early fall morning in New York City I left my hotel in Chelsea to walk a few blocks – well, more than a few to be fair. With my Starbucks coffee in my hand and my shades on it almost made me feel like a New Yorker, walking along side all these business people going to work. I had another destination than most of the people though – I wasn’t about to enter an office…but I was heading towards The Greenwich Hotel in TriBeCa and have me some me-time at their Shibui Spa…..

The Greenwich Hotel is located in TriBeCa – looking rather anonymous and easily passed by, if you’re not looking for it. Which was totally to my liking – an anonymous hotel, that still is so hot, that you can’t sit in the bar without staying at the hotel! Yes, very true – a perfect hide away for celebs. This morning it was rather obvious to the trained eye, that a few were staying here – a few photographers were hanging around outside along with the big black SUV with tinted windows. So for a few seconds I pretended to be one, as I walked through the hotel doors.

I was entering pampering Heaven….

I had decided to unwind for an hour by the pool and use the steambath and sauna before my treatment. The philosophy at Shibui Spa is one  of balance – balance between traditional and modern – the name Shibui comes from Japanese,but has no exact translation into English, but refers to a beauty that is low-key and grounded – and boy the name was so fitting for this place.

The entire spa (and hotel for that matter) is kept in a Japanese style – low-key and grounded.

I quickly changed into my swim suit and went to the pool. Much to my liking, it was only me, 2 teen girls and 1 pool guy there – totally peace and quiet. Sipping on some water and tea, before going back out to the changing area to use the sauna and steam bath. The steam bath was only fitted for 2 people – again so happy I was the only one there. Finally my urge to start the day off super early came in handy.


Back to the pool area, where I decided to relax and enjoy the complete silence – not a sound from the pulsing and never-sleeping city above. I enjoyed it so much, that I ended up falling asleep in one of the very comfy chairs – so much, that my therapist came and woke up me!! (That’s a first!)

I had chosen to start of with a seasonal bath (30 mins) followed by the Fall and Winter body treatment (120 mins).

My therapist took me to the first of two treatment rooms. The first, where my seasonal bath was already waiting for me. The room was used for shiatsu massages, so on the floor was a huge madras and in the back of the room one step down was the bath. A huge build-in bathtub all in dark green tiles – same color as the rest of the room, which was very easy on the eyes and relaxing for the mind.

The seasonal bath felt like a warm soothing blanket for my body and soul – warm enough to release some of the tensions in my aching body. I was served a wonderful refreshing glass of ginger juice – just right to lift my soul into new heights.

After the seasonal bath I was taken to a second treatment room – with a spa bed and a shower. My therapist advised me to lie down on my stomach and the treatment would begin shortly.

The Fall and Winther body treatment started off with a thorough scrub of every inch of my body with mango & shea butter, himalayan salt and Ho Leaf. A refreshing and soothing feeling began to fill my body and skin. Once my body was scrubbed for a any dead skin cells, it was instantly treated with a thermal clay infused with botanical winter oils and wrapped – while this over-the-top body mask worked its wonders, I got the most amazing and out of this world scalp massage. I felt like my body was flowing just above the spa bed – pure Heaven!

After a quick shower I was back on the spa bed – awaiting my 60 min massage with sweet almond oil infused with May Chang, peppermint and thyme. The massage left my muscles knot free, refreshed and felt 7 years younger than, when I first entered the spa.


One happy girl after more than 3 hours in Heaven at the Shibui Spa at Greenwich Hotel – well worth every minute – thank you for having me!


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