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Ole Henriksen Face/Body Spa – part one

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Ahhhh….everyone’s favorite Ole (or Ooolaaah, as the Americans would pronounce it). Let me start by saying, I’m CRAZY about Ole – I love his energy, his products and yes his energy! Also he’s always very sweet and kind, when you meet him – all the way to the core.

That’s why I have always made sure to stop by his spa, whenever I’m in LA – the spa is a bit tricky to find. This time was a little extra special as it was the day before the Oscar’s – doesn’t get any more Hollywood than that! Even if the rain was pouring down this day in the usually sunny LA. Just to set the scene for you – the spa is located on Sunset Blvd – well actually under Chin Chin restaurant with the entrance against Sunset Blvd. A bit complicated to explain – but hope you get the picture.

Anyways, due to the Oscar’s the entire parking lot was occupied with one giant tent! Like the ones you see at fairs. Oh yes, this was the place for one of the after parties in connection to the Oscar’s. One “small” tent for 1,000 people – but hey what’s the problem, people do mingle a lot over there.

But due to the tent you had to drive down a hill and park your car there – and of course in true Hollywood style a small golf cart drove after you – to bring you back up the hill. No exercise for me up that hill!

Like I said (well, wrote..) I make sure to stop by the spa every time, I’m in LA – which is often – and I’ve had some amazing spa treatments there, which is still very much in my memory. Also had some not so amazing. I always book time for both a body treatment and a facial. This is the review of my latest body treatment…

The receptionist didn’t seem to really want to be at work that day – maybe due to the rather serious injury she had on her foot, so she could barely walk. A part of her job – is to the show the customers to the dressing room – yes I felt so bad for her and really wanted to say “No need, I know where everything is”….

Anyways, I changed into a robe and slippers – and here comes the rather awkward part for me. In the spa there are 2 hallways, that both have treatment rooms. In one hallway it’s the dressing rooms and the treatment rooms with bathtubs and in the other one it’s the other treatment rooms and the mediation room, where you wait for your therapist. And yes you may have guessed it by now – but you have to walk through the reception in your bathrobe and slippers – past all the gorgeous people, who’s done with their treatments – in my opinion not the coolest! L I actually think I might have looked like someone, who ran mini marathon through that reception!

As I sat there in the meditation room, I was overjoyed with the first treatment of the day – Japanese Bamboo Spa Ritual – which according to the spa brochure was the following:


Energize the body with stimulating flower oils and fruit essences. We begin with a yuzu mimosa sea algae body cleanse with a tropical rain rinse, followed by a firming bamboo polish enriched with the exhilarating oils of ginger and lime. Next, experience a gentle buff with cherry blossom rice ensuring a supple finish and delicate scent to the skin. Your treatment will conclude with a warming wild lime massage incorporating japanese shiatsu inspired techniques, after which the skin is anointed with a layer of plum blossoms and silk to seal in softness for a radiant glow. Every inch of your body will be uplifted by this delicious ritual of exceptional ingredients and pure scents.” – not bad at all….

The male therapist had some serious well-trained arms – which I saw a huge plus – it could only mean, that he could do some serious scrub – esp. around the thighs – bye bye cellulite!

The treatment room was one of the amazing rainshower rooms – a dark room with huge showerhead over the bed, which would pour nice hot water over your body to rinse off the bodyscrub/mask. (It is awesome!)

Back to the treatment – my therapist asked me to place myself on the bed and cover myself with the small towels, which yes was to cover the private parts – he naturally left the room, while I placed myself on the bed.

Now this is where, I thought, I was in for a “Sea algae body cleanse with tropical rain rinse” – but that’s not what happened. Nope, the therapist started to scrub my legs in small movements – like tiny, no bigger than ½ dollar! And with no pressure added either – Dear Men – most women will very much like, when booking a bodyscrub, to actually have the body scrubbed and with pressure added, so we can feel like something is happening! I tried asking a bit about him – thought maybe he was new and nervous – but no he had been there for 2 years now. Well okay – maybe he can tell me more about the products – but and you might be surprised, but this was more or less his answer “well, it’s a Japanese scrub from ehhh Japan I think. Ooolaaahh loves this product, so we now have it in the spa. But I really don’t know anything about it!” – can we just take a moment to think about that statement….

Every time I had to turn over on the bed, which was probably 3-4 times, he stepped out of the room. Yes, I do know it’s a courtesy thing to do – but honestly hold up a towel, while I turn over, so you don’t waste time every time, you step in and out of the room. Just my humble opinion – and in the end it did get rathe frustrating.

After the ”scrub” (which in my opinion never really got rid of any dead skin cells), I was wrapped in something that reminded a bit like tin foil in order for the scrub to soak into the skin (psssttt – isn’t it normally a body wrap/mask you would apply?) While wrapped in the tin foil (which is nice and warm) I natively thought, I might get a scalp massage – I mean hello that’s the easiest thing with any therapist to do – even the most hardcore businessmen will fly off the bed and into a heavenly state of mind. But my therapist was not going to do that – he instead chose to clean up in the treatment room – seriously? Yes, very seriously…I felt so cheated!

When the tin foil time was up, it was time to kick in the big rainforest showerheads above the bed – and they sure did! The water was seriously splashed down on me – I’m not sensitive in any way, shape or form. And working in this industry, doing lots of treatments every week, you feel so blessed and privileged, when someone gives you one (even though you’re paying for it!), but I do have high expectations for my fellow therapists in the world. To splash water like that on a customer with no towel to cover the face, is just a giant NO-GO. But that’s just what happened….

After the big rinse it was time for my massage, which was in another room – a soft and warm bed was waiting – so easy just to slide under the covers and melt into the madras. Now 1 hour passes by too fast – and again the legs are often overlooked in the treatments – this was unfortunately no exception.

All in all….not one of my best experiences. I felt like a bit of the good old “Ole Henriksen”-spirit was missing in the treatment, which is such a shame! Because I do know, that they’re very capable!

Since most spa’s don’t allow you to take photos in their facilities due to the other guests and PR relations – I only have this one of me before the treatment. I wonder, if I had that grumpy face, because I knew what was coming….



More about the facial next time…..

To learn more about Ole Henriksen – go to


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