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Casa del Mar

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Casa del Mar – a hotel right by the beach in Santa Monica – not far from Santa Monica Pier. The hotel has been around since the roaring 20’s and is one of the most beautiful places in Santa Monica, if you ask me. I’ve wanted to see the inside for quite some years now – and of course to test the spa.

On a rainy Friday it happened…

The Spa “Sea Wellness Spa” is located on the 3rd floor of the hotel – I first thought, I had missed the spa, since I was walking in normal hotel hallway with rooms to one side, when the spa all of the sudden appeared to my left behind some heavy curtains. I find it a bit odd to have spa in the same hallway as rooms – I mean, I wouldn’t like to stay in one of those rooms with people walking to and from the spa at all times. But that’s just my opinion. Most important I found the spa!

I find it so important, that the first impression a customer gets is a good and warm welcome to a spa – so they can relax and feel yes welcome – and start un-winding straight away. Unfortunately, this was not the case here. The woman greeting me didn’t seem to enjoy her work that much on this day. So a bit crestfallen I sat down in their lounge – waiting for my therapist. To make matters worse the aircon was on full force this morning in the lounge – not exactly the perfect start to my five star experience I had hoped for!


I had booked a H. Maloha facial for myself (facial with Hawaiian products – first thought “mmm I’m gonna smell just like a pineapple!”) and an “Age defying lip & eye treatment” for my partner-in-crime this morning.

Our therapist, Josephine, picked us up on time for our treatments. Thankfully, she was a fresh breath of air, compared to the not so happy woman in the reception.

Josephine recommend, I had the “Age defying face” with the products from “Natura Bissé from Barcelona” – my skin looked pretty tired after the long flight from Denmark to LA from the day before, so I was totally up for the choice and gladly gave up my dreams of smelling like a pineapple afterwards.

She cleansed, exfoliated (using glycol acid), massaged my face, neck and shoulders like there was no tomorrow & applying several moisturizing masks – yes my poor face was in need. And before I knew it, my facial was done – leaving my skin smooth and at a more normal state. I didn’t look 10 years younger – but the grey tone was definitely gone!

After the treatments we decided to have lunch at the restaurant – to take in just a bit more of this beautiful hotel – and the amazing view!

And wow…we got there just in time, to be seated by the window. The staff was very friendly and gave us just the right info about the food and made sure to let us enjoy our food in peace.

The view was amazing – Santa Monica beach looks good even on a rainy day!

IMG_2652 IMG_2653 IMG_2654 IMG_2655

All in all – the hotel was beautiful, peaceful and very calming. It had 20’s charm and spirit, which worked perfectly. I don’t think, I would ever stay there though, since rooms ranks from $ 625 – $ 5,000 pr. night. If you book a suite, the hotel’s Audi A8 comes in complementary aswell…

Unfortunately, the spa wasn’t a five star experience to me – that can be done so much better. Starting with employees that actually seem to like their job.

IMG_2649 IMG_2651 IMG_2657 IMG_2658 IMG_2659 IMG_2660

To learn more about Casa del Mar – go to

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